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In the last two years, Media Central has placed the following infomercial clients.

 10 Minute Trainer Debt Cures  Malibu Pilates Slim n Lift Comfort 
 Ab Circle Pro  Derma Wand Meaningful Beauty Smartwear Pots & Pans 
 Ab Coaster  Eace Combo  Melt It Off  Sonic Crafter 4 In 1 Tool
 Ab Lounge Summertime  Flavorwave Oven Monster Steam Cleaner   Stainz-R-Out Vaccum
 Ab Rocket  Flip N Go Rich  More Natural Cures  Supple
 Air Climber  Fluidity  Mr. T's Flavorwave Oven  The Bio Force
 Aloe Cure  Franklin Mint Coins  Murad Youthful  The Firm
 Antimated Bible Stories  Garden Groomer Natural Advantage  The Olive Tree
 Attacking Anxiety  Garry Ultra Lite Vaccum  Nicer Dicer  The Rainbow Study Bible
 Auctions For Income  Giovani Piano Kit  Nu-Wave Oven  The Subject Bible
 Back 2 Life  H2O Mop  Oldies But Goodies  Think And Lose Weight
Bright Essentials  H2O Turbo Vac  Orbitrek  Time Life / Country Romance
 Bare Minerials  Healthy Green Pots & Pans  Perfect Dog  Time Life / Motown
 Bare Science  Hip Hop Abs  Pilates Power Gym  Time Life / Soft Rock
 Body Shaper  Homedics Pillow  Power 90  Timeless Secret
 Brainetics  Hulk Hogan Grill  Power Juicer  Tobi
 Cardio Crusier Pro  In Styler  Power Juicer Deluxe Ultimate Edge
 Cardio Twister  Infrawave Oven ProActiv Acne Solution  Topsy Turvy Tomato Plant
 Carol Burnett  Jaw Horse  Resurgence  Total Core
 Cash Flow Business  John Beck Real Estate  Rock N Roll Stepper  Total Gym
 Contour Abs  Kiyoseki Pro  Rommancing The 70's  Turbo Jam
 Core Evolution Kymaros Curvy Jeans   Shark Cordless Mop  Walkfit Platinum
 Core Rhythms  Leg Magic  Shark Steam Mop Wen Hair Care
 Cricut Cutting System  Luminess Air  Shark VX 3 Cordless Your Baby Can Read 
 Cricut Expressions  Magic Jack  Slim In 6  Youthology
Dean Martin Roasts Principal Secret Sheer Cover The Midnight Special
Youthful Essence

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Business Opportunity Seminar Clients 

 Better Trades  National Grants  Teach Me to Trade
 Building Wealth  Optionetics  Trump Institute
 Cash Flow Generator  Red-C  Whitney Foreclosures
 Focus on Foreclosures  Robert Allen Seminars  Wise Trades
 Magic Trader  Star Trader  

Religious Programming Clients

Cornerstone Church  Shepherd's Chapel   Tomorrow's World
 Shepherd of the Hills  The Carter Report  Word of Peace

Medical Doctors

Dr. Aguiliar / Orange County, CA   Dr. Holcomb / Seattle, WA  Dr. Parks / Jackson, MS
 Dr. Ahmed / Orlando, FL   Dr. Hudak / Raleigh, NC  Dr. Pati / Orlando, FL
 Dr. Alegra / Seattle, WA  Dr. Jayne / Seattle, WA  Dr. Payne / Fairfax, VA
Dr. Amen / Seattle, WA   Dr. Kasarsky / New York City  Dr. Phillips / San Luis Obispo, CA
 Dr. Azar / Ventura County, CA  Dr. Kauffman / Sacramento, CA  Dr. Pumphrey / Atlanta, GA
 Dr. Banks / Long Island, NY  Dr. Keller / Santa Maria, CA  Dr. Salsetti / Colorado Springs, CO
 Dr. Boris / Palmdale, CA  Dr. Kerr / Seattle, WA  Dr. Savage / Seattle, WA 
 Dr. Caskey / Waterbury, CT  Dr. King / Atlanta,GA  Dr. Seaman & Dr. Wiley / Colorado Springs CO
 Dr. Castallini / Orlando, FL  Dr. Kingsley / Birmingham, AL  Dr. Sevely / San Jose, CA
 Dr. Cordono / Sacramento, CA  Dr. Schwartzer / Newport Beach, CA  Dr. Sharf / Long Island, NY
 Dr. Deture / Ft. Lauderdale, FL  Dr. Leamey / Monterey, CA  Dr. Shiatta / Seattle, WA
 Dr. Dorman / Seattle, WA  Dr. Leary / Newport Beach, CA  Dr. Silvers / New York City
 Dr. Elam / Anaheim, CA  Dr. Maas / San Francisco, CA  Dr. Smith / San Jose, CA
 Dr. Erickson / Orlando, FL  Dr. McBirney / Sunnyvale, CA Dr. Stile / Lake Havasu, AZ
 Dr. Farred / Ventura, CA  Dr. McMahon / Colorado Springs, CO  Dr. Stroud / Louisville, KY
 Dr. Ferro / San Luis Obispo, CA  Dr. Megar / Phoenix, AZ  Dr. Waldman / Lexington, KY
 Dr. Greenburg / Newport Beach, CA  Dr. Mokbel / Newport Beach, CA  Dr. Weisea / San Luis Obispo, CA
 Dr. Greenlee / Raleigh, NC  Dr. Niknia / Newport Beach, CA  Dr. Whitson / Indianapolis, IN
 Dr. Haq / New York City, NY  Dr. Norton /  Portland, OR  Dr. Ziegele / Seattle, WA
 Dr. Harmon /  Seattle, WA  Dr. Paoletti / West Los Angeles, CA  

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